What Rowan is doing to prepare for Brexit

Posted 19/03/19

As the date of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is rapidly approaching, we are being asked by a lot of our partners about Rowan’s post Brexit plan.

Brexit has brought a lot of uncertainty but here at Rowan we continue to plan for all possible scenarios and have used Brexit as an opportunity to review and improve the services we provide for the future.

Regardless of what happens next in terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU – rest assured that Rowan is working proactively to make sure we will continue to offer our service without any disruption.

What does it mean?

We know that Brexit has affected a lot of manufacturers’ operations as planning and forecasting became increasingly challenging.

These risks might result in some major discrepancies in the demand planning. We, therefore, wanted to share with you some facts about Rowan in order to give you confidence we are ready to help!

  • Rowan is one of the largest and the most stable residual management companies in the UK and Europe as our Sales operations are evenly distributed between the UK and Europe
  • We have operations in 26 countries across Europe, reaching international, national and regional discounter chains in addition to small independent retailers and wholesalers and cover most of the UK discount market
  • Rowan has six branches across the biggest European markets and a long-term logistics partner supporting us with warehouse facilities in these markets

New Hub

To add certainty, efficiency, improve our presence in Europe and to reduce our carbon footprint we have taken the decision to establish a new European Hub. Rowan will create a new Operational Hub in the Netherlands in Q.2 this year which will operate in conjunction with our UK Hub in Basildon.

Not only does this minimize the potential risks Brexit might pose but is the right decision for a truly pan European business such as ours.

If you would like to discuss Brexit and how we could be of help, please, call or email your account manager. If you don’t have an account manager, contact us via email at Brexit@rowan.eu.com or call +441268592000