White Raven Down

Posted 10/06/19

Rowan International is proud to announce that a staff member from our warehouse team Bill Taylor is a part of a popular band 'White Raven Down' they are performing at Marine Metal, a gig to raise awareness and money for charity Mind. on Saturday 31st August from 2 pm at the Chinnery’s (21-22 Marine Parade, Southend) we hope you can come and support both Bill and Mind.

White Raven Down released their debut single "Take Me" late April 2018 along with a MUSIC VIDEO to an overwhelming response. Currently sitting at 21k views on Facebook and 11k views on YouTube. The track gained recognition and airplay from such credible radio stations as BBC Essex Introducing and Hard Rock Hell on The Metal Show with Luke "Loki" Milne. Radio play has been as broad as local independent stations/podcasts and as far as Rock On The Rise and Rock Rage Radio in the States and some additional stations in Australia. Each time being met with glowing comments and new fans.

For more content on 'White Raven Down' check out their website on https://www.whiteravendown.com/