Nine reasons suppliers sell their excess stock to Rowan

Posted 23/10/23

Rowan International distribute the biggest FMCG brands at great prices throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide. Over 200 suppliers regularly trust us to sell their excess stock. Here's why... 

1. We open up new markets

In 2022 Rowan dealt with 283 suppliers and 2023 sees us with 18% more suppliers than a year ago. Rowan have over 300 regular customers across the UK & Europe who buy from us and are constantly adding new ones through our attendance at trade fairs and social media campaigns. We open up new markets to suppliers, increasing their routes to market and finding the best home for their excess stock.

2. Protecting brand integrity

Every day Ben Winter, Rowan International's Commercial Director, speaks to suppliers, so understands well why they choose to work with Rowan. "The biggest factor that suppliers always mention is trust, they tell us we always do what we say, when we say. We also understand when it's vital to protect a company's brand integrity, the basis of supplier trust, using our market insight and knowledge of the UK and EU – we never sell to customers or markets where there is obvious competition or potential dilution to  a supplier’s core business."

3. Brands you love

Rowan is proud to have over 200 active suppliers in the confectionery, household, soft drinks, grocery, alcohol and personal care categories, the majority – around 64% – of the intake comes from global well-known FMCG brands such as Mondelez, Mars, Heinz, P&G, Reckitt, Kenvue (was J&J), Monster Energy, Kellogg’s, Coca Cola and Walkers. Take a look here.

4. Seamless access to Europe

At Rowan International we help wholesale companies expand into Europe without having to learn the complexities of post-Brexit, cross-border administration. Our specialist operations team have amassed the knowledge around commodity codes and country of origin production that determine whether a tariff needs to be paid to move stock from one country to the next, as well as the many forms that need to be completed to enable it to pass customs inspection. We have used this to help smaller manufacturers increase their customer base.

5. We solve problems

Rowan are problem-solvers who love to find a solution for the issues of the manufacturing world, including distribution and storage for some of our suppliers. Recently, a supply partner's incumbent 3PL service unexpectedly closed so the Rowan operations team came to the rescue to provide an interim set-up. This quickly become a continuous agreement, where they use our warehouse facilities in the UK and Holland and our logistics network to ensure this supplier could continue with their growth and expansion plans.

6. Try something new

Rowan International do more than offer short-date products to customers. Ben says: "We're always looking to add seasonal lines and one-off deals that add variety for customers and allow them to add breadth and range to their stock. New categories we've added include candles, wall art, garden furniture and children's toys as well as sports nutrition." Over the past year we've worked with more niche suppliers direct in the UK. At a UK trade fair, we met the team behind Warrior Supplements, an entrepreneurial group looking to disrupt the sports nutrition market with their range of science-based formulas which help consumers improve their athletic performance and mental focus. "Warrior Supplements were looking for additional routes to market to help with their production planning but didn’t know how to get into Europe so Rowan found a route for them to sell in Spain. So, if you're a supplier with a more interesting or niche brand looking for new routes to market then we want to hear from you.

7. We make it easy

Rowan International pride themselves on being easy to deal with: we don't like to cherry pick from suppliers' excess stock and, wherever possible, will take a full parcel for ease of movement. We have plenty of capacity across our two warehouses so volume is not an issue.

8. We move quickly

Rowan International always move fast – we know that when you have surplus stock that needs moving, time is of the essence, so we’re always quick to respond to offers and take the stock we win quickly. Our on-site warehouse in Basildon is trusted by the biggest brands; and can store 5,000 pallets at any given time. We also work with partners across the country to provide easier drop-off locations for your logistics teams, with prime sites on the M1 and M62 corridor. Our site in Holland can take 10,000 pallets and has access to warehouse facilities across Europe including Germany and Spain.

9. Improve your CSR

With Rowan you can boost your eco-credentials. We give sellers strong corporate responsibility credentials by always dealing with excess and short-date stock that might otherwise go to landfill.